Sunday, March 06, 2005

Nonsense - Italian Style

As those who read this column know, I'm a liberal, and damn proud of it. But Giuliana Sgrena -- the former hostage in Iraq, who works for the communist rag Il Manifesto, pushes a particularly virulent form of Euroland paranoia.

She actually claims she may have been a target! in the accidental shooting of Nicola Calipari, the brave Italian security agent who died protecting her. It's pure nonsense -- even to entertain the notion -- we were gunning for her because the Italians paid ransom to terrorists. We may not like ransom payoffs, it is not our policy, but even the Bush administration is incapable (and that includes intellectually) of such Machiavellian contretemps.

That comes from an unreformed Scoop Jackson Democrat, thank you very much. And I'll just drop the Mc Auliffe line in here -- NUTS!