Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sharon Vos review of The Plot Against Marlene Dietrich

Henry Mazel brilliantly melds the glitz and the glamour of old Hollywood with the grit and the grime of the harsh New York Streets. He weaves a tale of intrigue, murder and suspense that would have made Sam Spade proud. His prose brings to life the embattled feelings of an sardonic detective who has seen too much, but still has a hint of human vulnerability. 

The marvel is the intricate plot, that seems to me, to be historically accurate and meticulously researched. The protagonist, Alex Rada, is the iconic hardboiled detective who maintains an even strain on the outside, yet seethes with an inner emotion. The backdrop here is of a time of glitz in Hollywood, the grime of noir New York, and the Jim Crow mentality that existed in both. 

This is a splendid and well thought out piece.My only complaint is I wish it were longer; I would have like to spend more time with these characters.